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The Most Important 2020 DevOps Trend

Tips for 2020 DevOps Planning

This is a good time to reflect and recalibrate for the coming year as 2019 comes to an end. ...
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Close up photo of section of a keyboard which blue backlighting around each key

2019 DevOps Tools Roundup

The Top 2019 DevOps Tools… A new article from outlines the top 12 DevOp Tools of 2019 along...
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Illustration of a circle made up of seven arrows, each one with a word indicating a different step in a devops build process

DevOps Is Not A Trend

Highlights from The State of DevOps Report 2019 has released its annual report where they talk about key...
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Selecting The Right DevOps Tools

The first thing most of our customers ask is what tools they should invest in. With a sea of...
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Photo of a laptop with a keyboard that has red backlighting, with the screen open on a code editor showing code

The Shortage of DevOps Engineers

DevOps Is A Highly Sought After Skill DevOps has gone mainstream. More companies are investing in tools, there have...
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