Chef Software x ShuttleOps Twitch Chat

The ShuttleOps and Chef teams got together over Twitch to discuss and demonstrate the combined automated application delivery solution that uses ShuttleOps to deploy Chef Habitat packages to AWS, GCP and Azure.

Watch: Automated application delivery solution in action

Watch Chef Live! Countdown to ChefConf Online – #DevOps #DevSecOps from ChefSoftware on[Update: AWS, Azure and GCP clouds are ‘GA’ and available to customers]

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More About ShuttleOps

ShuttleOps is a modern application delivery software company. With a No-Code CI/CD Platform designed to enable true DevOps collaboration, businesses of any size can get their applications, fixes and updates to customers quickly and consistently.

ShuttleOps combines best-in-breed DevOps tools like Chef, and public cloud providers AWS, GCP and Azure. With an easy-to-use no-code pipeline editor, ShuttleOps enables less technical users to build, deploy and manage applications. All without writing code.

With ShuttleOps, teams have greater flexibility to scale resources and reduce the time and cost of traditional approaches.

More About Chef Software

Chef is the leader in DevOps, driving collaboration through code to automate infrastructure, security, compliance and applications. Chef helps scale continuous delivery pipelines making it faster and safer to add value to applications and meet the demands of the customer. Deployed broadly in production by the Global 5000 and used by more than half of the Fortune 500, Chef develops 100 percent of its software as open-source under the Apache 2.0 license. Chef Enterprise Automation Stack™, a commercial distribution, is developed solely from that open source code and unifies security, compliance, infrastructure and application automation with observability. Chef provides an unequalled developer experience for the Coded Enterprise by enabling users to express infrastructure, security policies and the application lifecycle as code, modernizing development, packaging and delivery of any application to any platform.

Siraj Rauff

Siraj Rauff

DevOps Specialist

Siraj is a full-stack developer turned DevOps ninja. He works daily with Application and Infrastructure Automation tools such as Chef Infra, Inspec, Automate & Habitat, as well as Hasicorp's Terraform, Packer, Consul and Vault. You can also catch Siraj in training sessions and workshops as he shares how SMB and Fortune 500 companies alike can solve their most complex application delivery challenges.

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