Collaborate Securely with Connection Sharing

Modern application delivery platforms make it possible for users and teams to collaborate on the same services and environments, where speed and efficiency are the main factors driving organizations to adopt these platforms. This gives teams the flexibility to better collaborate on common goals and objectives, while ensuring that the proper security protocols are maintained.

At ShuttleOps we embrace collaboration to the fullest and are on a journey to deliver a multitude of features and functions that make it easier to get stuff done securely. The first such feature gives our users the ability to quickly, easily and securely share a connection that has already been setup. This allows organizations to centrally manage connections to services while providing teams and users with the ability to leverage these services.

You’ll notice the Share Connection feature when you open a Connect card.

Connection Sharing

The Share Connection feature allows a user to share any of the following connections:

  • Amazon AWS
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Chef Habitat Builder

In order for the user to be able to use the Share Connection feature, the connection must have been set up by that user – for security reasons, a user cannot share a connection that has been shared with them. An owner of a connection can share the connection with their entire organization or any teams and users within their organization.

Connection sharing allows teams (such as Operations, Security, Development and QA) and users to centrally set up and manage shared services. The functionality also ensures that the right users have access to the right environments they need when they need it.

For detailed steps on how to share a connection, visit the Connection Sharing section on the Product Documentation page.

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Duane Williams

Duane Williams

Sr. Product Manager
With over 15 years in product leadership, Duane brings a wealth of experience in driving the vision and roadmap for ShuttleOps. He is passionate about customer collaboration and the delivery of features that create meaningful results in their business.

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