Global Variables and Secrets Management in ShuttleOps

Today, we’ve enabled a truly valuable capability that bridges the gap between security and collaboration – the ShuttleOps Vault.

ShuttleOps has always been about enabling the most seamless and efficient user experiences for our customers, and this is no exception. ShuttleOps users can now access the Vault tab to define and manage custom global variables and secrets, so that these can be referenced from build and deployment configurations – and can be applied to both application and environments – at any time. Anyone within the organization can make use of a defined variable or secret, but only the owner can modify or delete it. To make things even easier, we’ve predefined a few system variables for quick and easy referencing. All variables and secrets are stored in a ShuttleOps-managed HashiCorp Vault cluster and the functionality is available to all users.

Vault - Landing Page Vault - Secrets Page

These can be accessed in the following areas of the app:

  • Vault tab
  • Build pipeline configuration modal
  • Deploy pipeline configuration modal


Variables and Secrets - Build Configs

Centralizing the creation and management of variables and secrets enables an organization to:

  • Reduce the overall security risk footprint;

  • Store all configuration and secrets securely; and

  • Reduce time spent on managing configuration drift

The benefits don’t stop there: the implementation of a centralized variables and secrets management practice can reduce friction in facilitating audits and regulatory compliance.  We’d love to demonstrate the feature to you and talk about how your organization can leverage the Vault functionality and experience the above benefits.

Test drive it today!

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