That question isn’t intended to be offensive or click-baity; however, if it comes across that way, I want to share some insights from State of DevOps 2019. I want to share this because you shouldn’t have a negative reaction to that question. You should see an opportunity. You should also know that I’m not preaching from high upon a pedestal. I’m sharing my personal experience.

Becoming an Elite Performer when it comes to software delivery isn’t something that happens overnight. It’s a journey. It’s a fun journey. It’s a frustrating journey. But it is always a worthwhile journey. In many cases, the destination may not be an “Elite Performer”; however, the destination should always be an improvement and an advancement relative to where you stand today.

Take a moment and reflect on where you are in your software delivery journey. Where were you a year ago? Five years ago? Ten? Now, ask yourself why you didn’t implement the tools, practices, or culture shift to achieve what you have today? So many of us are naturally part of the early majority and if we don’t see enough adoption, we’re not willing to take that “risk”.

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Can I make a suggestion? Take a step as an Innovator or Early Adopter where the venture cost is low, but the opportunity is tremendous. Maybe you see that with ShuttleOps, maybe not. That’s irrelevant. What I’m proposing is a slight shift in mindset that can lead to great things.

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Did you know that Square came out 10 years ago? I remember reading about it and getting really excited. I knew of a few small businesses that were forced to be cash-on-hand because of their limited access to payment methods. I loved the idea of Square, but it wasn’t until a few years later when I actually proposed it to these small businesses.

It was this fear of failure that kept me from exploring a new technology that could have had substantial impact to friends and family. Since reflecting on that moment, I strive to be ahead of the curve. I understand there’s a balance of time, effort, and money, but especially when it comes to SaaS platforms with a free trial, I will give them a shot if they have any potential promise of improving my life. I make it a practice to invest 10 minutes in myself (and specifically how someone promises to make my life better) every week.

The payoff has been exceptional. (Speaking of which, do you know any tools I should try out? Leave a comment below!)

P.S. In the time it took you to read this, you probably should have deployed your first app to Kubernetes. 😊

David Found

David Found

President of ShuttleOps
With over a decade of experience in DevOps, Dave has an innovative vision for simplifying the application build and release processes - including an intuitive and elegant product design to abstract the complexity of cross-silo processes.

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