No-Code CI/CD: Meeting Modern Application Delivery Demands

No-Code CI/CD: Meeting Modern Application Delivery Demands

By ShuttleOps CEO, Damith Karunaratne


Application deployment is complex and remains a significant challenge for many organizations. Understanding all the moving parts of CI/CD, including infrastructure, security and the convergence of systems is a significant learning curve often requiring highly skilled staff – until now.

ShuttleOps delivers no-code CI/CD pipelines and prebuilt integration to best of breed DevOps tools such as Chef, GitHub and cloud providers, so less-technical users are able to build and deploy applications, without writing code.

Join ShuttleOps CEO, Damith Karunaratne and learn to:

  • Effortlessly build, deploy and manage applications in the cloud
  • Setup infrastructure agnostic application orchestration with Chef Habitat
  • Streamline the management of application secrets and configurations
  • Enable gated approvals and notification
  • View the health of applications and environments

If you use GitLab, GitHub, BitBucker, Chef, AWS, GCP and Azure – this webinar is for you!

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