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Our plans start with a 30 day free trial

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Unlimited pods

Up to 10 users

250 build minutes

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For teams managing multiple apps across multiple environments.

Pricing per ShuttleOps managed pod

Up to 10 users

250 build minutes

30 days data retention


For organizational continuous delivery and collaboration.

Customized plan

Unlimited users

1,000+ build minutes

13 months data retention

24/7 support

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Platform Overview

Build On Any Application Framework

Define custom build configurations to migrate applications or onboard your new architecture with ease.

YAML Free Kubernetes Deployments

Configure and manage your basic and advanced configurations from our simple interface.

Build Customized Workflows

Trigger pipelines on push / pull requests, include acknowledgement or approval gates and so much more.

Built-In Cross-Team Collaboration

Safeguard your credentials in ShuttleOps and effortlessly share your owned connections with users and teams.

Governance Done Right From Day One

Bring Your Own OS Image and deploy applications with custom organizational needs.

Safe and
Secure Scalability

Define and manage secrets in the ShuttleOps Vault, then safely access them from anywhere in your pipeline.

Ready to deploy? Our plans start with a 30 day free trial

All Features


Pipeline Builder

Build and Deploy Pipeline Templates

Pipeline Triggers (Push/Pull/Pipeline/Scheduled)

Real-Time Performance and Health Metrics – New

Real-Time Notifications (In-app, Email, Slack)

Managed Application Templates

Real-Time App Log Aggregation

App Log Search

Artifact Repositories

  • Public Chef Habitat Builder (Hosted)
  • Private Chef Habitat Builder
  • DockerHub New
  • AWS Container Registry – New
  • Google Container Registry – New


Secure HTTPS Connectivity

Single Sign-On (GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket)

Global Variables and Secrets Management – New

BYO OS Image – New

Machine Identity Protection – New

Blue/Green Deployments – Coming Soon

Canary Deployments – Coming Soon

Source Control



Connection Sharing – New

Automated Test Execution – New

Application Packaging

Chef Habitat

Native Docker Containers – New

Custom Build Configuration 




Connection Sharing – New

Automated Test Execution – New

Provisioning Instances


Azure VMs


Kubernetes (NEW)


Azure AKS


Self-Managed Kubernetes


Acknowledgement Flow

Approval Flow

Onboarding Services

Need a little bit of help to get started? Select one of our services packages or contact us for a customized plan.

Quick Start

Get an interactive, customized product walkthrough, build and deploy pipeline process mapping, a success checklist and success calls to verify platform configuration.


App Onboarding

We’ll package your application in Docker or Chef Habitat so it’s ready for your build and deploy pipelines. Includes an initial discovery, application packaging, pipeline process mapping and weekly success calls.



Learn how to package your applications, so you can build and deploy your apps to the AWS, GCP or Azure with ShuttleOps. Fundamental and Advanced options available.


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