One Platform
to build, deploy & manage

Fast, simple and secure application delivery

No-Code CI/CD

Eliminate delays, failures, and conflicts by replacing time-consuming manual tasks and unmaintainable scripts, with our no-code approach to continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD). ShuttleOps combines build, deploy and manage capabilities in one easy to use platform, so you can move towards your goal of continuous application management. 

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How DevOps Leads The Way to Digital Business Transformation

In the wake of COVID-19, the urgency surrounding digital business transformation has increased substantially. With more people working remotely, organizations now realize more than ever the critical importance of digital business applications.

What You Can Do


Build & Deploy Apps From Your Repo To The Cloud

Connect to your code in GitHub, GitLab or BitBucket and build, version, store, and deploy your applications to AWS, Azure or GCP.


Deploy Chef Habitat Applications

Deploy applications from Chef's Habitat Builder Depot of +700 components and tools like Jenkins, Vault, Artifactory, Nexus, WordPress and more.


Deploy Popular Commercial Tools

Select and customize pre-built application templates curated by the ShuttleOps team to take advantage of rapid deployment, including some favorite DevOps tools.

Photo of a man in a black and white check button up, clean shaven, with medium length hair parted to the right side, working at a white desk using the scroll pad on a laptop with his left hand, and typing on a keyboard with his right hand to use the ShuttleOps deploy pipeline feature.

Current Version

We currently support Chef Habitat

The first release of ShuttleOps supports Chef Habitat customers that want to deploy to AWS, Azure and GCP. Additional technologies, such as native Docker support, will be available soon. Check out our pricing page to compare features by plan.

Product Tour

Learn how easy it is to build and deploy applications to AWS, GCP and Azure with ShuttleOps.


Streamline Application Delivery to the Cloud


Release & Deployment Orchestration

Combines continuous integration, continuous delivery and analytics in one solution for easy collaboration and rapid deployment.


No-Code Pipelines

Our no-code pipeline editor offers the flexibility of business workflow with the capabilities of a technical pipeline for automation without writing code.


SaaS Not Services

Rely on technology instead of unmaintainable scripts and custom implementation services to achieve availability and scale.


Multi-Cloud Pipelines

Deploy your application across AWS, GCP, and Azure from one or more pipelines.


Source Control Integration

Connect to your existing GitHub, GitLab and BitBucket repos.


Security & Compliance

Easily align existing business processes and security standards with role-based access control and historical logging for audits.


Infrastructure Provisioning

Dynamically provision and update infrastructure configurations across environments on demand.


Notification & Approvals

Setup notification or approval gates at any step in the process.


Secrets Management

Securely store and manage application configurations, passwords, certificates, keys and tokens across environments in our enterprise-grade Vault.


Multi-OS Support

Windows and Linux?  No problem.  Our CI and CD pipelines fully support both Windows and Linux environments.


Analytics & Reporting

Full transparency into build, deploy and application logs, pipeline status, velocity and application and environment health.


Free Tier

Try us out for free and start benefiting from automated application deployment, from day one.


Code, No-Code, Low-Code:
The DevOps Implications

The success of building and scaling application automation practices remains a challenge due to complexity and a lack of access to skilled DevOps engineers. Learn how to enable less experienced staff to orchestrate the end-to-end DevOps toolchain with no-code CI/CD.

Visibility, speed and quality

Improve release time and reduce costly rollbacks and unplanned work

Get Better Cost Control

Replace unmaintainable scripts and time-consuming manual tasks with automated pipelines that offer visibility into cloud consumption, for better cost control and planning.

Meet Customer Demand

Improve velocity and frequency with predictable release schedules for faster testing and delivery to customers.

Fix Drift Issues

Mitigate the risk of errors, outages and conflicts with a secure model for managing secrets, configuration and provisioning.

Enable Rapid DevOps Adoption

Reduce the level of effort for engineering, security, infrastructure, and operations teams to adopt DevOps.

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