ShuttleOps Helps Bring Application Development, Operations and Security Teams Together

Interview with Venafi

Earlier this month I was interviewed by Bridget Hildebrand, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Venafi regarding the challenges of integrating DevOps tools and teams in an effort to bring application development, operations, and security teams together. Here are some highlights:

Bridget: What does Indellient do?

David: Indellient partners with DevOps industry leaders to deliver custom software automation solutions to medium and large enterprises. Our technology partners include Chef, HashiCorp, and large-scale public cloud providers.

As leaders in the DevOps space, clients trust Indellient to help architect and build robust automation solutions specific to their current needs, processes and culture. We’ve been in business for over 14 years, and we are committed to delivering superior value through our solutions.

“We see the gaps that exist in the industry to deploy software to the cloud while delivering reliability, security and ease of use to the process and the outcome. Because of this, we’re partnering with ShuttleOps, who offers the fastest way to automate your application delivery pipeline.”

Bridget: As part of the Development Fund, which machine identity protection challenge are you aiming to solve?

David: There is friction within Global 5000 organizations among Application Development, Operations, and Security teams that Indellient can uniquely solve. The friction rises from the fact that each team owns a portion of the full application lifecycle, but they are not able to leverage the best-in-breed tools that their respective teams have evaluated because it may require effort from the other teams.

Indellient aims to reduce this friction with ShuttleOps and other powerful tools from industry leaders, such as Chef and HashiCorp, to build and automate application delivery across datacenters and clouds. ShuttleOps provides a consistent, easy, fast, scalable way to automate provisioning, perform configuration management, application lifecycle orchestration and with the integration of Venafi, deliver machine identities, while enabling complete process management, compliance auditing, and robust security controls.

Bridget: How is Indellient going to solve this challenge?

David: With support from the Development Fund, Indellient will enable Venafi customers to:

  • Use a Venafi-Chef Habitat Helper package to easily integrate Venafi with existing Chef Habitat ready applications in a standard way.
  • Use a Venafi-Chef Infra Helper cookbook to easily integrate Venafi with existing Chef Infra environments in a standard way.
  • Facilitate Venafi integration using ShuttleOps, leveraging its flexible pipeline editor to establish seamless connections between customer applications and the Venafi service.

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