It’s frustrating when critical information is not available at your fingertips. For DevOps teams, having the right information available at the right time enables quick and informed decision-making that can save time and money as well as affect business outcomes.

Today we already provide DevOps teams with the visibility to help stay on top of build and deploy pipeline performance, and with this latest enhancement, our Dashboards also provide real time views into active pipeline tasks as well as performance indicators and health metrics on your applications and environments.

These include application instance CPU utilization, memory and storage – all delivered in the form of customizable Dashboard Widgets.

You can now add the following widgets to your ShuttleOps dashboards:

  1. Active Tasks: Displays the list of pipelines awaiting the user/team’s approval or acknowledgement
  2. Application Environment Metrics: Displays and lists the overall health for all running applications
  3. Application Metrics Trend: Multi-data set chart with the application’s environment
  4. Applications Overview: Displays an overview of all your applications
  5. Recent Pipeline Execution: Displays high-level information on recently executed pipelines

You’ll notice the new list of widgets when configuring a dashboard:

We’re very excited about the opportunities that this enhanced visibility can bring and would love to show you how to make the most of the Dashboards functionality.

For detailed steps on how to setup a dashboard, visit the Dashboards section on the Product Documentation page.

Take our new Dashboards enhancements for a spin on the ShuttleOps free-tier! Start deploying applications to the cloud in a fast, simple and secure way.

Duane Williams

Duane Williams

Sr. Product Manager
With over 15 years in product leadership, Duane brings a wealth of experience in driving the vision and roadmap for ShuttleOps. He is passionate about customer collaboration and the delivery of features that create meaningful results in their business.

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