Feature Highlights Of Our No-Code CI/CD Platform

Our team has spent years implementing DevOps projects for companies of all sizes across North America. The most common pain point among these companies was maintaining slow and inconsistent application delivery processes. This gave us an opportunity to identify and really understand the typical challenges that companies endure today, which include:

  • Tools that aren’t integrated
  • Environments that are hard to scale
  • Lack of access to skilled resources

Solving these challenges is the genesis of ShuttleOps. Our mission is to cohesively unite development and operations teams using a platform that enables true DevOps collaboration.

ShuttleOps is a new no-code application delivery solution that enables non-technical users to build, deploy and manage applications without writing code. Our platform comes with pre-built integrations to best-in-class providers and coupled with powerful workflow capabilities, makes it possible for almost any size of organization to implement and scale their own automated application delivery processes.

Let’s get into a few of our top features.

Pre-built Integrations with DevOps Tools

The Connect tab of the product offers pre-built integrations to source code repositories such as GitLab, GitHub, Bitbucket, public cloud providers like AWS, Azure and GCP, application packaging tools like Chef Habitat and Docker (coming soon), and notification tools.

Build Applications for Any Platform

The Build tab offers a workflow style editor, so you can drag-drop tasks such as build triggers, your application code, notifications and approval gates, to construct a pipeline that builds your application. Simply click on a task to configure the settings.

If you already have a Chef Habitat application or wish to use a pre-built ShuttleOps application template, you can jump right to the Deploy tab.

Build Screens

Infrastructure Agnostic Application Deployment

The Deploy tab is where you create your application deployment pipeline. Trigger your pipeline when a new application version is available, when a build pipeline completes or at a pre-set (scheduled) time. Add notification or approval gates and then deploy your application to one or more cloud providers (AWS, CGP or Azure). Support is available for both Windows and Linux applications.

Real-Time Insight

The Manage tab offers a real-time view of the health of your environments and application, along with application health monitoring and application log visibility so you can quickly identify and resolve issues as they arise.

Measure Health & Success

The Dashboard tab provides a central view to assess velocity and performance of both build and deploy pipelines. Each dashboard offers drill-down support so you can see how each of your pipelines are performing over a period of time to identify areas for improvement. More Dashboard widgets will be coming soon.

Secrets Under the Hood

We’ve baked in secrets management using HashiCorp Vault, to ensure your credentials, application configurations and secrets are securely stored. Not only have we taken care of securely storing your data, but we also apply your application configurations and secrets to your application at runtime so you don’t have to worry about modifying your application to integrate with a secrets management platform.

More Integration Coming!

We have an aggressive roadmap to tie in more DevOps tools. Docker and Kubernetes support will be available later this year!

We’re excited about the benefits that ShuttleOps will bring to our customers.  Visit us at www.shuttleops.io to learn more.

Duane Williams

Duane Williams

Sr. Product Manager
With over 15 years in product leadership, Duane brings a wealth of experience in driving the vision and roadmap for ShuttleOps. He is passionate about customer collaboration and the delivery of features that create meaningful results in their business.

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