Spinnaker Continuous Delivery Alternative

A Better Alternative to Spinnaker and Argo CD.

Starting out with Spinnaker, Argo CD, Jenkins or GitLab? Looking for a more robust and powerful alternative? We’ve compared all the leading continuous delivery platforms on the market.

Find the continuous delivery platform that matches your team’s unique needs.

Continuous Integration Native Docker Containers Native Docker Containers Native Docker Containers No Continuous Integration No Continuous Integration
Custom Build ConfigurationCustom Build ConfigurationCustom Build Configuration
Pull RequestsPull RequestsPull Requests
Supports GitHub, GitLab and BitbucketSupports GitHub and GitLabSupports GitHub,
GitLab and Bitbucket
Continuous DeliveryAutomatic Kubernetes Manifest GeneratorManual Kubernetes Manifest CreationYesYesYes
Visual Pipeline Editor
GitHub TriggersManual YAML Pipelines
Ease of Use and SetupEasyMediumMediumAdvancedMedium
Hosting ModelSaaSSaaS or Self HostedSelf HostedSelf HostedSelf Hosted
PricingFrom $5 per pod
per month

From $19 per user
per month
CollaborationOrganization and Team ManagementGroup and Member ManagementOrganization, Teams,
Users and Permissions managed
via LDAP / AD
Real Time NotificationsRBAC
Connection SharingRBACSSO
Real Time NotificationsPermission ManagementService DiscoverySAML
Acknowledgement and Approval GatesLDAP
Cluster ManagementView NamespacesNoneNoneCluster / Server GroupAutomated Cluster Bootstrapping
Deployment Status Services
IngressEnable Resize
View Cluster MetadataIntegrates with CD tools
via Jenkins Pipeline
Automated Cluster
Management via GitOps
Pods LogsShrink Clone Rollback
Remote Script Execution
SecurityGlobal Variables2FANoneDeployment StrategiesAudit Trails
Secrets ManagementEnvironment VariablesAutomated RollbacksAutomated Rollbacks
Machine Identity ProtectionVulnerability AssessmentsConfiguration Drift Detection
SupportCommunity ForumsCommunity ForumsCommunity ForumsCommunity Support on Slack, GitHubCommunity Support on Slack, GitHub
24/7 Support24/7 Support – Premium Feature Only

Try ShuttleOps For Automated Continuous Delivery Pipelines for Kubernetes Applications

What’s included with ShuttleOps?

Build On Any Application Framework

Define custom build configurations to migrate applications or onboard your new architecture with ease.

YAML Free Kubernetes Deployments

Configure and manage your basic and advanced configurations from our simple interface.

Enhanced Kubernetes App Management

Manage Persistent Volume Claims, Ingress rules, and other advanced pod configurations all within the ShuttleOps platform.

Built-In Cross-Team Collaboration

Safeguard your credentials in ShuttleOps and effortlessly share your owned connections with users and teams.

Build Customized Workflows

Trigger pipelines on push / pull requests, include acknowledgement or approval gates and so much more.

Safe and
Secure Scalability

Define and manage secrets in the ShuttleOps Vault, then safely access them from anywhere in your pipeline.

Ready to Deploy?

See how quick and easy it is to onboard into ShuttleOps,
build pipelines, deploy to Kubernetes and manage your team’s access.