Chef Habitat

Chef and ShuttleOps Twitch Chat

Chef Software Twitch Chat & ShuttleOps Demo

The ShuttleOps and Chef teams discuss and demo automated application delivery using ShuttleOps to deploy Chef Habitat packages to...
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How to Deploy a Load Balanced Go Microservice to AWS

ShuttleOps is a new No Code CI/CD platform that allows you to easily deploy applications to three major cloud providers....
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ShuttleOps No-Code blog

No-Code CI/CD: A Developer Perspective

As a developer, the initial reaction to ‘no-code’ can be down-right offensive. I’ve spent much of my career and...
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ShuttleOps has launched

Benefits of No-Code CI/CD Platforms

No-code continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) enables less technical users to build, deploy and manage applications, without...
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