The Potential for SMBs

When I first began working with small and medium businesses (SMBs) nearly two decades ago, I became so inspired by their potential and drive towards innovation. Within the SMB community, there was a hunger to solve new and different problems and ultimately delight customers on a more personal level. It was wonderful watching small groups of committed individuals tackle challenges head-on and even more inspiring to watch them grow and take market share from some of their big brothers and sisters in the enterprise. Strong technical leadership has driven SMB digital transformation, allowing them to compete on the same level as their Enterprise counterparts.

I often cited the well-known statistic that nearly 90% of the 1955 Fortune 500 no longer were in business by 2011. Those who have seen this statistic often find it shocking, but for leaders of SMBs, they saw it as an opportunity. Rooms full of SMB leaders could see themselves becoming the next global leader in their industry. History, they felt, was likely to repeat itself.

Digital Transformation Comes with Challenges

Fast forward to today, and digital transformation is driving innovation and acceleration of business growth not seen since the industrial revolution. As more companies embrace digital strategies, “born in the cloud” tech-intensive SMBs have found themselves on more equal footing with larger competitors.
One challenge that faces both large Enterprises and SMBs, however, is the rate of change. For some SMBs, digital transformation comes a set of business challenges:

  • How do you define and implement a technology-first strategy?
  • How do you build the necessary skills to support that strategy? Are those skills even available in the market? What are the costs of building and maintaining those capabilities in-house?
  • What tools and technologies do you deploy to bring your technology-first strategy to life?

These are not easy questions, the solutions are rarely one-size-fits-all and even the best and brightest are struggling to answer them. New automation and workflow tools emerge daily. Once new concepts like “DevOps” continue as goals for some organizations and in others, they aren’t entirely or consistently understood.

Because of this, many SMBs continue to struggle to achieve the most fundamental and business building outcomes – delivering applications to their customer in the fastest, most efficient, and most secure way possible. Applications create business value for our businesses and our customers and we must make it more effortless to deploy them.

Hello, from ShuttleOps!

Enter ShuttleOps, an integrated platform to help small and medium businesses take their applications to cloud in minutes. ShuttleOps will soon connect many of the common DevOps platforms and services together seamlessly and allow you to effortlessly build, deploy, and manage your applications with a friendly and intuitive user interface, without requiring extensive and tool specific knowledge or coding capabilities.

I am excited to join the ShuttleOps leadership team as the new Head of Sales. In this capacity, I’ll be working with small and medium businesses to bring their applications to life. With your great ideas, the ShuttleOps platform, and some hard work, I’m confident many of your businesses will one day be leaders in technology and become some of tomorrow’s greatest and most well-known companies.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can transform your business. We’re here to help you on that journey!

Jason Krech

Jason Krech

Head of Sales
Jason has been helping customers derive value from software and services implementations for over two decades. Drawing on his experience with managing cloud and digital transformation partnerships, Jason helps small/medium businesses and global enterprises identify technology solutions and strategic organizational change management principles to help accelerate and amplify success.

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