The Shortage of DevOps Engineers

DevOps Is A Highly Sought After Skill

DevOps has gone mainstream. More companies are investing in tools, there have been some notable vendor acquisitions in 2019 and even more investment in DevOps technologies. Yet, the increase in popularity continues to surface a shortage for DevOps talent.

A recent article ‘DevOps now most sought-after skill, and with good reason’ from ZDNet says:

“DevOps skills are more in demand than any other IT-related skill, even surpassing cloud and data science skills. Close to two-thirds of respondents, 64%, indicated that DevOps is the most sought-after skill, above cloud certifications, machine learning, and even industry knowledge. “

DevOps Skills

So, what are the skills and capabilities of a ‘good DevOps’ candidate?

We pulled together a list of the skills we have found critical to plan, implement and maintain a healthy DevOps approach.

  1. Be a proficient software developer – a lot of DevOps tooling are starting to rely on an “as-code” approach
  2. Have a good understanding of one CI/CD platform (e.g. Jenkins, Concourse)
  3. Be familiar with a configuration management tool (e.g. Chef Infra, Puppet, Ansible, Salt)
  4. Have experience with at least one of the major Public Clouds (AWS, GCP, Azure)
  5. Understand what it means to deliver infrastructure-as-code
  6. Strong communication skills – you’ll need to work with multiple teams and stakeholders

Overcoming Talent Scarcity

Many companies are investing in training, and getting help with onboarding technology through services partner like Indellient, who specialize in DevOps and app migration to the cloud.

If you’re a small team without the budget to procure implementation assistance, consider workflow tools like ShuttleOps, which aim to simply and abstract the need to learn custom programming languages to orchestrate and automate build and deploy processes.



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