In the DevOps space, we all too often focus on the technical tools and practices that you should adopt in your DevOps journey, and rarely about the importance of instilling the right team culture. Creating a wholesome blend of cultural dynamics at the grassroots-level should not be overlooked because it forms the basis of how your team will one day succeed together. At ShuttleOps, our leadership team puts our people and culture first. Here are four things we do daily that helps our team perform at peak levels.

Connect, converse and communicate. 

Enable everyone to have their say during daily scrums, even if it means running a few minutes late. This promotes inclusivity and gives every member of the team a chance to chime in on things that are important to them. Don’t stop at scrums, encourage open communication throughout the day. Some of us may not be able to have face to face conversations but productivity tools like Teams, Zoom and Slack make it easy to touch base often.

Replace fear with transparency. 

Raise issues and risks as early as possible; before they cause disruptions or become real blockages to the flow of work and result in delays. Have genuine conversations with each other and don’t be afraid to speak your mind where it’s warranted. You may just provide an unseen perspective or point of view – or if you’re lucky, be on the receiving end of some humble wisdom.

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Create an atmosphere of trust and accountability. 

No one wants to be second-guessed or questioned at every turn. Trusting the abilities of your team is paramount to success – in return, the people around you will deliver their best. Focus on providing constructive criticism to help team members build on their ideas to produce the best outcomes. Trust also places the onus of accountability firmly in the recipient’s hands – by holding each other accountable, we amplify a team member’s importance in the value chain as well as the value of their outputs.

Work towards common and unifying goals. 

Everyone wants to see the big picture, but understanding it takes time and patience. Make the effort to remind your team of shared goals and help them understand their contributions to company successes and milestones – the payoff will be huge! Start by tracking the progress of Product features or Sales and Marketing campaigns and create visibility around these so that everyone is able to share the same journey. 

These cultural principles can be applied in any environment, whether you’re a high performance team or not. Take a look at how your team measures up against these cultural values and identify areas for improvement within your own organization.

Duane Williams

Duane Williams

Sr. Product Manager
With over 15 years in product leadership, Duane brings a wealth of experience in driving the vision and roadmap for ShuttleOps. He is passionate about customer collaboration and the delivery of features that create meaningful results in their business.

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