I previously opined about letting developers be developers

Absolutely we should. 

“Development” is where ideas and innovation come to life and scale. Developers make this possible and it’s a learned and treasured skill, manipulating letters and algorithms to make things happen.  

I’m going to love on every dev I know until I’m out of breath because they’ve made my life possible. (Not sus).

But what about tomorrow’s developer? 

I was sitting in my living room yesterday watching the news and saw an ad for Google’s skill building program and was reminded of Microsoft’s initiative and investment

I could not help but wonder – is the thing stopping an explosively powerful idea from becoming a game/life changing application simply the skills needed to build and deploy the app?

I think so. 

Select * from any group of people and I’d bet you’ll find ideas that most feel are unattainable, but to a developer, present an achievable challenge that through code, can become a game changing app. 

Did anyone imagine, years ago, that I’d be able to say, “Hey Alexa, turn off all the lights” and have all my lights turn off?  My late father would think this was some type of hocus-pocus.  And it is – and that’s the magic of development. 

The barriers – the person with the idea knowing that software can, in fact, bring their idea to life and the person building the software understanding the idea so that they can build something powerful and true to the idea. 

See the source image

ShuttleOps delivers your idea and creates space for innovation – we deploy your apps anywhere effortlessly and have removed so many of the complexities that we’re bringing app delivery to the people – DevOps for all! 

Together, we will deliver value to your customers 

Your job:  turn code in to the next big idea 

Our job:  deliver! 

Time is money.  You have a choice about whether to spend time on creativity, problem solving, and coming up with the next big thing…or the doldrums of whatever is required to deploy. 

Using ShuttleOps means you can invest in the aspiring devs with untapped skills and new ideas. 

We will help bring your ideas and its potential to life.  We will give you time and space to foster innovation. 

Don’t worry about CI/CD, infrastructure, cloud, transformation etc. 

Bring us your code, we’ll help you achieve the rest. 

Jason Krech

Jason Krech

Head of Sales
Jason has been helping customers derive value from software and services implementations for over two decades. Drawing on his experience with managing cloud and digital transformation partnerships, Jason helps small/medium businesses and global enterprises identify technology solutions and strategic organizational change management principles to help accelerate and amplify success.

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