Would it be cliché to say that the world is rapidly changing? I would tend to say yes; however, there is a harsh reality at play. We’re living through a global pandemic. One that is disrupting countries, communities, and industries in a plethora of ways. While some disruptions are beneficial, others may have a substantially negative impact to those that are affected. While we recognize the severity of the impacts around us, we also want to continue to enable small and medium business to be better equipped at delivering solutions to their customers.

More Work To Do

Just last week, ShuttleOps was listed as one of the Top 10 Coolest Startups by CRN. While we appreciate the honour, we know there’s still more work to be done. When we spoke to our clients, prospects, partners, and peers, we realized one thing – we need to help.

We are an enabler. ShuttleOps brings organizations onto Kubernetes who would have otherwise shied away from its complexities. ShuttleOps simplifies the journey from code to cloud so that your efforts are spent creating revolutionary solutions to the problems we all face.

At ShuttleOps, we believe all organizations should be empowered to deliver exceptional value to their customers in a high-performance way. This is our vision. We have heard firsthand of the pains and challenges faced with getting to Kubernetes.

Let us get you there.

Accessible and Affordable

Think of it this way – what if everyone tried to “do it themselves”? We would have teachers ploughing their fields. We would have nurses laying the bricks of their homes. We would have software developers performing open heart surgeries. While some of those may be appropriate as a hobby, we as a society benefit from specialization. Let ShuttleOps take the load of CI/CD off your plate.

We didn’t just lower our price to make CI/CD more affordable, we simplified it to make it more accessible, and I think we’re making the right choices.

If either the price or the ease of use is still a barrier to entry for you – please contact us and I will personally remove this barrier for you.

Dave Found


David Found

David Found

President of ShuttleOps
With over a decade of experience in DevOps, Dave has an innovative vision for simplifying the application build and release processes - including an intuitive and elegant product design to abstract the complexity of cross-silo processes.

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