What You Can Do With ShuttleOps
Streamline and standardize your Chef Habitat application delivery
Build Applications
Continuously build Chef Habitat applications and rapidly release your fixes, updates and patches.
Launch Applications
Deploy Chef Habitat packaged applications to AWS effortlessly. Support for other technologies and integrations coming soon.
Manage Applications
Get full visibility into the status of each step of your pipeline and the health of applications, services and environments.
Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment
For Any Size Organization
Shrink your application delivery process from weeks to minutes with ShuttleOps
Get a single pane view of applications, services and environments, with actionable insights.
Security & Compliance
Coming soon! Reduce risk of deployment failures and configuration drift, by defining application and infrastructure configuration as part of the delivery pipeline.
Release Orchestration
Eliminate the time, cost and risk associated with manual build and release processes.
Deployment Automation
Increase the velocity of your software delivery process without compromising reliability and performance.
Team Collaboration
One place for developers, infrastructure and operations teams to capture application delivery best practices across all environments.
Unified CI & CD
Eliminate release delays, costly rollbacks, unplanned work and maintaining custom CI & CD environments by automating end-to-end application delivery.
Technologies We Work With
We utilize and integrate with leading DevOps technologies.
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